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Jubilee Cardigan: Pattern Review and FO

April 20, 2017
Jubilee Cardigan: Pattern Review and FO

If today’s blog post were a book chapter it would be titled, “The Jubilee Cardigan: In Which Tori Has No Clue What Size Babies Are.” Seriously. I have a decent reference point on toddlers…maybe. But I have no clue how big an infant is. Can’t figure it out. If you are like literally everyone I know, you will tell me that this could be easily solved by having one of my own. I will politely deflect this comment in some way because nothing scares me more than thinking about my own motherhood. So lay off, people!

Despite not knowing how big babies are and being terrified of having kids, apparently I make a pretty decent aunt. Really. My 3 year old niece told me just this Easter that I was her very favorite Tori. The Hubs asked her if he was her favorite uncle, to which she replied, “No, Tori is.” Clearly, I am succeeding in the Aunt department. Bubbles, candy, and My Little Pony figurines help too.

Since I’m feeling pretty good about this Aunt thing, I am excited to double my aunthood this summer with the addition of another niece. Ya’ll know what this means: baby knits! Oh, I have plans. I have visions of knitting another Elijah elephant; this time in speckled pink yarn, because #specklesaresohotrightnow.  Heck, I have visions of a while pink elephant themed baby shower (It’s gonna be cute!) The first of my baby knits, however, is a pattern I’d been waiting to use for a long time. It’s the Jubilee Cardigan from the 2010 Holiday Gifts Edition of Interweave Knits.

Jubilee Cardigan: Pattern Review and FO


Jubilee Cardigan: The Pattern

The Jubilee Cardigan is an easy short sleeve raglan cardigan with a lower lace detail. It fastens at the top with three buttons, while the lower section is left to fall open. It’s super cute and super easy and I think I still managed to mess it up a little. The only tricky part (and the part where I think that I messed up) is remembering where to make the button holes. They’re probably supposed to only stay in the raglan section, but I put the buttonholes wherever. Oh, well.

My only qualm with this pattern (and it may just be me, because see above) is that I think that sizing may be way off. I knit the 6 month size, or at least I thought I did, but I appear to have a cardigan that would fit a 1 year old. Again, my knowledge of baby sizes is very poor, but I’m pretty sure this knits up large.

Jubiless Cardigan: Pattern Review and FO

Jubilee Cardigan: The Yarn

I used Universal Yarn’s Bamboo Pop for this project. It’s 50% cotton and 50% bamboo, which makes for a nice summery (washable) knit. I’m always stumped on yarn for baby projects. I don’t like acrylic because it can melt at high heats. I know wool is the technical good choice, but what mom is going to hand wash baby clothes? Every  mom I know would felt a wool knit in the wash in minutes. Cotton is a good choice too, but I hate knitting with it because it feels like twine.

Bamboo pop ended up being a good choice for this project, but I won’t say it’s my favorite. The bamboo gave it a little bit more stretch and bounce than plain cotton, but it also made it more slippery. I also found it to be fairly splitty, though it doesn’t appear to show many splits in the finished product. It just meant that I needed to concentrate more while knitting. Still, they have a good range of colors and I would use this again for another baby project if needed.

Jubilee Cardigan: Pattern Review and FO

I’m setting this one aside for now to wait for it’s future wearer, but I look forward to working on more baby knits in the future. I’m thinking toys and blankets and maybe a hat or two (but definitely not baby booties, because they are my kryptonite!). Yes, this baby is going to be fully stocked by the time I am done with it.

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Mini Monday: How to Make A Baby Box

February 27, 2017
Mini Monday: How to Make a Baby Box

One of the weird things about getting older is that at some point, all the people around you start having babies. My sister in law is pregnant. The best man in our wedding is expecting. That one girl I went to high school who is living in, like, Missouri is pregnant. Babies everywhere!

Don’t get me started on the baby comments now that we’re married, either. A lady at church told me I had “a glow.” She seemed alarmed by my “hopefully not that kind of a glow” response. Another man joked that he would pray for fertility. I’m don’t remember how I responded, but I’m pretty sure I freaked him out too. My father even prayed during our wedding reception that The Hubs and I would be blessed with “brilliant twin girls.” Thanks, Dad.

My own pregnancy anxieties aside, I do get excited about babies among my friends. It gives me an opportunity to make cute baby things. There are so many adorable options that fit the new parent’s personalities. Plus, baby projects are so quick and easy! I love it, though it makes me a horrible procrastinator…

One of The Hub’s close friends in Arizona is expecting a baby literally any day now. Like, it might be late at this point. The father is a musician, and used to be in a band with The Hubs, and so when I saw a little baby hat with headphone on Pinterest, I had to knit it. I just made up the pattern as I went, but the closest pattern on Ravelry is The Baby Headphone Hat.

Isn’t it the cutest? I showed it to The Hubs and he made the same noise that he makes when he sees a golden retriever, so I think he liked it. That, and he demanded one for our firstborn…It’s made out of acrylic yarn, which I am conflicted about. I know I should use wool or cotton, but I also know that this is going to get thrown into the washing machine at some point, so acrylic it was. (Okay, so I should really have used superwash wool, but see above about the procrastination.)

Since the new baby is in Arizona, I knew I was going to have to mail the hat. It just so happened that we had a nice box from a recent online purchase, that had juuuust a little room for more. I couldn’t resist it. I made a mini baby care package.

Holy Crap, that’s cute. We bought little shoes and some organic magic balm to put in the box, along with a little card with a nice note written by The Hubs. I could have probably fit more in there, but for my sanity I had to stop.  I also realized something while working on this box: I cannot knit baby booties. They are my knitting kryptonite! I must have started 4 or 5 different patterns, only to rip them out in anger. I have decided to leave little baby shoes to the professionals. Besides, those shoes go with that hat perfectly…

Want to make your own Baby Box? Here are some ideas:

Baby Box Ideas

For Baby
  • Onesies
  • Baby Socks
  • Burp cloths
  • Small stuffed animals (bonus points for handmade!)
  • Baby accessories (more bonus points for handmade!)
  • Baby toiletries like balms and creams that won’t spill or leak
For Mom and Dad
  • Healthy snacks
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Gift Cards
  • Slippers
  • Heartfelt note