About Me

Hello all! Welcome to Yarnsley Lane, where we talk about knitting, eating and life. You can call me Tori.

Formerly an over achieving college student, I am now adrift in the world of long commutes and uninspiring jobs. I am currently doing the grand work of Not Using My Degree.  No one gives me an A grade anymore, and I’m still learning to cope with that.

There are several constants in my life. I am always cold and I am just about always hungry. My other constant is knitting.

I started knitting before my freshman year of high school as a way to get to know some girls at my new school and I have been knitting ever since. It has been my constant companion as I moved to different states and worked through life stages and college courses. On Yarnsley Lane my goal is to share some inspiration and encouragement with other knitters out there; whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans. You can find me on ravelry, instagram and pinterest.

Recently, I have added a new constant in my life.  It’s my husband. You can call him The Hubs. He says that I never finish a knitting project for him(Not true.). The Hubs keeps me warm. He tries to keep me eating healthy. Sometimes he succeeds. Most of all, He keeps me happy.In return, I try to be the best wife I can be and maybe, just maybe, finish a knitting project for him.
In this blog I’ll talk about marriage. I’ll talk about what we have learned and what The Hubs and I are still learning. I will talk about what The Hubs cooks for me and what I cook for him but mostly what we cook together. I will talk about what we make and what we do and hopefully encourage you to do a bit of the same.