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5 Things Blowing My Mind this Week

May 18, 2017
5 Things Blowing My Mind This Week


Hello Everybody! I wanted to share with you some of the things that have been filling my head this week. It’s been a deep thinking week. My 25th birthday looms ahead in June and I’ve been spending a lot of time pondering what I want out of life and who I want to be. It’s still a little weird to have that husband boxed checked off on my list of life goals. Here are some things that have gotten me excited, thoughtful or motivated this week!

The Handmaid’s Tale

I’ve been wanting to slow down recently . You know, read more books and less Facebook and ya’ll.  This book. First of all, The Handmaid’s Tale is free to Amazon Prime users, so if you qualify, you don’t even have to pay for it. If you’re like me, you keep hearing references to this book and is accompanying Hulu series. Also if you are like me, you probably wondered what at the fuss was about.

I’ve been curious about The Handmaid’s tale for a while, but I never knew what it was about. When I found out that it was free on Prime, I decided to take the leap. 3 days later, I’ve raced through the book and feel like I need to reread it just to process it. It is dark. It is difficult. It is so right about the way we can slowly become accustomed to injustice.  I’m surprised I never read it in college. Even though it was written in 1986, it is still troublingly relevant. I am curious about the Hulu series, but I’m not sure if I can handle it. From the sounds of it, it seems to be pretty intense. I’m sure it’s good, but I’m also sure it would put me in a funk. Anyone else seen it? What’s your take on the series?


Vale - Brooklyn Tweed


If you’ve notices from my Instagram, I’ve hit a bit of a knitting dry spell. I just wasn’t feeling super inspired or motivated, but that’s about to change because Brooklyn Tweed released a new yarn this week and boy, is it pretty! It’s called Vale and it’s made from Rambouillet fleece that’s supposed to be their softest yet! I’m a huge fan of all of Brooklyn Tweed’s yarns, if you haven’t noticed, so there’s no was I wasn’t going to get my hands on some of this. It was only released yesterday, so I’m still eagerly awaiting my package. I ordered some of the arabesque colorway, which is the most beautiful muted pink. It was really difficult deciding on what color I wanted, but I had to go with arabesque because of…

Gully - Brooklyn Tweed


As soon as I saw the pattern for Gully, I fell in love. The whole thing looked sooo soft and that pink fulfilled all my minimalist millenial dreams. Plus, it’s brioche, so you know it’s going to be super squishy! I’ve been wanting to hone my brioche skills, too. Want to know the best part? Gully is free with the purchase of one or more skeins of Vale! I’m hoping to hold on to these for the knit-along that Brooklyn Tweed is hosting in July, but I’m going to have a hard time keeping myself away! If you’re doing the knit-along too I’d love to know what you picked!

Modern Market - Richardson

Modern Market

As I’ve made obnoxiously clear by now; I am doing Whole 30 (for the second time). The Hubs and I went off Whole 30 and completely derailed. It was bad for my skin. It was bad for my muscles. Enter Whole 30. Enter Modern Market.

Modern Market is a chain restaurant located throughout Dallas that specializes in fresh food. I already loved them for their blueberry pesto sandwich, but I love them even more now because… They list all their ingredients online! Why is this important? Because Whole 30 severely limits the places that we can eat out without feeling really super annoying (“Um, can you tell me if the bacon was packed in sugar?”). Modern Market is totally transparent about their recipes and we can totally eat there on Whole 30!  Both their chicken and steak are Whole 30 compliant, and the sauce that goes with them is compliant too! Do you realize how rare that is? The only side that is Whole 30 compliant is the mashed sweet potatoes, so double up on those. Or go for one of the soups, the chicken chili is compliant too!

Anyone else looking for Whole 30 places to eat? What have you found?


Style Uniform

Style Uniforms

Ever go through one of those phases where you just feel blah about your appearance? That’s me all the time right now. Especially when it comes to work week, a lot of the time I feel like a kid playing at being an adult. Renata Briggman has gained attention for wearing the exact same outfit to work every day, and looking great while doing it. Together, she and a stylist put together a look that made her look and feel confident, and she’s been wearing that outfit ever since. It’s not the same exact clothes every day(that could get weird). Like a cartoon character, she has multiples of the same outfit. Apparently it makes getting ready in the morning super quick and easy.

I’ve been drawn to the style uniform/capsule wardrobe for a while. I don’t know that it’s in the budget to totally overhaul my closet, but I could definitely set my favorite work outfits on a weekly schedule to cut out the “nothing-to-wear” morning slowdown. That is, provided I do my laundry regularly….hmm….

Have you ever done a capsule wardrobe? Did you stick with it? Should I try it? Let me know what you think. 

That’s what’s been on my mind this week! We’ve got an exciting weekend coming up and I can hardly wait. I’ll be sure you keep you updated about my various yarn and food adventures!

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Mini Monday: How to Dye Wood with Food Coloring

April 17, 2017

Hello all! I hope you had a good Easter weekend. My was good and peaceful and I amassed so many peeps. It was great. Last week, I shared my tutorial for making a gift card frame, which I embellished with a hand dyed wooden letter. As promised, here is my tutorial for how to dye wood with food coloring!

This tutorial is about as easy as they come. And if we’re being honest, I only chose to dye wood with food coloring because I didn’t want to have to buy paint. I was pleasantly surprised by the stained effect and how the wood grain came through, which I thought made a great accent for the wood of the frame. Want to learn how to do it yourself? Scroll through my tutorial below!

Mini Monday: How to Dye Wood with Food Coloring

How to Dye Wood with Food Coloring


-Large glass jar/bowl (Don’t not use metal or plastic. Those materials may absorb some of the dye!)

-1 Tablespoon(ish) Vinegar

-Food Coloring

-Wood to be dyed

Mini Monday: How to Dye Wood with Food Coloring

Step 1:

Heat enough water to cover your wood until it is hot enough to dissolve your dye, about a minute or two in the microwave. The heat is also helpful in getting the color to take. I just used kettle water from when I made my tea. Double-tasking for the win! Add about a tablespoon of vinegar. The acid is important in setting the dye.

Mini Monday: How to Dye Wood with Food Coloring

Step 2:

Add your dye to the water. I used Wilton’s Food Coloring that comes in the little tubs, because I have a ton of it (I used to use it to dye yarn, which was great fun.), but the little four packs that you buy in the baking aisle work just fine as well. Wilton’s is more of a gel than a liquid, so I had to stir it around a bit before it dissolved.

A note about dyes:

Some dyes, like violet and black, have a tendency to break, meaning that your project may not absorb the color evenly. In the case of violet, it may absorb pink first and then the blue, leading to a more splotchy color. You can attempt to combat this by adding the vinegar gradually, rather than all at the beginning, and keeping the water temperature lower. Basically, avoid “stressing” the dye.

Mini Monday: How to Dye Wood with Food Coloring

Step 3:

Submerge your wood  in the dye. I ended up using a knife to hold the wood under the water, because it kept bobbing back to the top. Let it sit, checking the color periodically, until it is the color that you want.

I left my in for about 6-8 hours if I remember correctly. I just left it out on the counter.

Mini Monday: How to Dye Wood with Food Coloring

Step 4:

Remove your wood from the dye, and let dry. I did not rinse my wood, I just set it on a stack of paper towels to dry. It will dry lighter than it looks while it is wet.

Once dry, you are free to use your dyed wood to embellish your projects! I really appreciate this method to dye wood with food coloring because it lets the wood grain show through. I think it gives it a subtle texture that makes it look really interesting.

So what do you think? Is this a technique that you would use? Let me know if you do. I want to see your projects!

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DIY Gift Card Frame Tutorial

April 13, 2017
DIY Gift Card Frame

This week I’ll be sharing my tutorial for a DIY Gift Card Frame. Hold on tight, ya’ll, because I’ve decided to make DIY surprise gifts my thing, and you are along for the ride. It’s great, because I get to be a little craft and creative, but I’m not just filling my home with my DIY projects. (Now I’m just filling other people’s homes with my DIY projects.) Plus it makes me look like what a Jane Austen character would call “accomplished.”

Recently, I had the change to stretch my crafty muscles and create a DIY Gift Card Frame for a member of my church. The recipient is going away to school and our goal was to stock her up with gift cards. There are lots of cute ways to package a gift card, but not a ton of ways to package a lot of gift cards. My earlier joking aside, I don’t want to give a young woman who is going to be sharing an apartment something that’s going to clutter up her space. That’s why I loved this DIY Gift Card Frame. It can easily be reused to hold pictures, movie or concert tickets(unless you’re The Hubs, and you need a whole scrapbook.) or little notes. It’s functional now in the gift giving process, and functional later. Win win!

Did I mention that this DIY Gift Card Frame ridiculously easy to make? Seriously, I made this is one evening while my husband cooked dinner. It took, like, zero time. Here’s how it’s made:

DIY Gift Card Frame


-Large picture frame

-O hooks

-Jute or twine

-Small clothespins

-Embellishments (optional)

DIY Gift Card Frame Step 1

Step 1: Remove glass and back from frame, push flat metal backing tabs with a butter knife if needed.

DIY Gift Card Frame Step 2DIY Gift Card Frame Step 2


Step 2: Screw 3 pairs of O hooks into the inner sides of the frame at even intervals. I just eyeballed this, but feel free to measure if you are picky. Also, I had a hard time keeping a hold of these little hooks, so I used a pair of tweezers to help until they grabbed into the wood.

DIY Gift Card Frame Step 3

Step 3: Beginning on one side, tie a length of string around the O hook. Stretch the string across and tie on the opposite ring. It’s okay if there is a little bit of slack in the string, because you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to get it perfectly tight, just make sure it doesn’t look saggy. Repeat on the next pairs of hooks. Trim string. Dab a little bit of superglue on the knots if you are worried about them coming loose.

DIY Gift Card Frame Step 3

Step 4: Add clothespins and embellish. Now, you can stop at this point and just leave the frame as is. If you would prefer, however, you can add a little embellishment. I found these flowers on clearance at Michael’s and honestly, how could I not? The wooden letter was something I dyed to match the flowers (look for a tutorial on this soon!), and isn’t it the cutest?? Personalize however you like at this point, and by that, I mean used your cutest clearance finds. I used a hot glue gun to attach my embellishment, but a super glue would work as well.

Set it up, add your clothespins and gift cards and admire how dang cute this is.

DIY Gift Card Frame

There you have it! I told you it was easy. It’s cute, versatile and quick to put together. So literally everything you’d want in a DIY craft. Think this is something you’d end up making? Let me know if you do and how you choose to use it!

Cost breakdown:

-Clearance Frame -$6.00

-Hooks – $1.99

-String – $1.99

-Embellishments – Approx. $3

Clothespins: $3

Total – $16.48 – Less than $20!