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Ascension Hat: A Yarnsley Lane Original Pattern (Free)

March 23, 2017

You ever get a thought in your head that you just can’t shake? Maybe a memory or an image that keep popping up over and over. That happens to me a lot. This past February, the image that I couldn’t get out of my mind was garter stitch. Big, fat, bulky garter stitch. I was also drawn to strong, kindergarten, bright reds. It took me a little fussing and finagling  to get there, but the result of my obsession was the Ascension Hat.

Ascension Hat : A Yarnsley Lane Original Pattern

The Ascension Hat

The Ascension Hat is a quick hat knit in a bulky yarn (bonus points for bold colors!) that features a charming garter stitch feature that rises to the crown of the hat like a mountain. Images of ascension have been all around recently too. Our church is going through a series called “Elevate,” and every time I worked on my little garter stitch mountain I heard Phil Wickham’s The Ascension in my head.  So of course, I had to name this hat after it. The Ascension Hat also features a huge pompom, because 1. I’ve always wanted one and 2. pompoms are totally hot right now. I initially wanted to use a fur pompom, but that made it look like a weird Santa hat, so here we are.

Ascension Hat: A Yarnsley Lane Original Pattern

The Yarn

This was my first time working with Quince and Co.’s Puffin. I had drafted this hat earlier in a different yarn and it looked totally different. Just proof that sometimes the yarn makes the project. Puffin is a single ply bulky yarn with a slightly felted texture. I was worried that it would be splitty, since it was such a big single ply, but the felting kept it together nicely. Just the same, it’s  not a yarn that can stand up to a lot of frogging. The colors on Puffin are amazing. I would like one of each, please. I remember telling The Hubs that if the red wasn’t as bright as my lipstick, then I didn’t want to use it. Peak’s Ferry totally delivered.

I was a little nervous that one skein would not be enough for this pattern, and had a bit of yarn chicken but it turned out okay. The yarn also grew a lot during blocking, so that’s something to be aware of as well. Overall, I enjoyed the way Puffin performed in this project and I can’t wait to use it again. Also, Puffin makes a kick ass pompom!

Ascension Hat: A Yarnsley Lane Original Pattern

Shown: A Kick Ass Pompom

Want to knit your own?

Download the Free Pattern Here: Ascension Hat

Be sure to let me know if you do, because you know I want to see you rocking it!

Love, Tori

P.S. I totally had my eyes dilated just before we took these pictures. Hence, the shades. Also, because I’m cool like that.

Featured Finished Object Knitting Lifestyle Pattern

Pattern: Maple Smash Fingerless Mitts

February 1, 2017
Maple Smash Fingerless Mitts by Yarnsley Lane

I’m excited introduce a new pattern of mine, and the first published pattern of Yarnsley Lane! Meet the Maple Smash Fingerless Mitts! Inspired by necessity, these mitts are designed to be petite in your coat sleeves, but warm on the fingers. They contain a cozy cable pattern that reminds me of winter and an afterthought thumb (my favorite method!). Better yet, they can be made in less than 1 skein of Juniper Farms Moonshine!

The Inspiration

Lets talk a little about what inspired the Maple Smash Fingerless Mitts. As the days got shorter and the weather got colder, I reached into the back of my closet for my trusty fingerless mitts. Imagine my devastation when I found out that they had holes! And apparently a dropped stitch in the thumb (Clumsy me.)! I was bummed to find that they were no longer wearable. Clearly some new mitts were in order, but what did I want?

I knew that I wanted something short that wouldn’t interfere with my sleeves in my coat. I envisioned a long cuff that I could fold down over my fingers to shield them from the wind.  The knits would need some visual interest. Something cozy, like cables. I searched and searched ravelry, but nothing quite fit what I wanted.  The solution was clear: It was time to design my own.

The Yarn:

As for the yarn, I must have circled the yarn store about 50 times looking for just the right yarn for the Maple Smash Fingerless Mitts. I knew in my head that it was a creamy color, that it was a squishy single ply and that I wanted some good fuzz factor. I needed yarn with a good halo. Finally I decided on this Juniper Farms Moonshine. It’s a single ply with wool, alpaca and silk. The alpaca give it the nice halo I was looking for and the silk makes it luminous. The color didn’t have a name on my yarn band, but with a little searching I believe the color is Flan. I cannot think of a more perfect name for this color. I have to stop thinking about it because it’s making me hungry.

The Pattern

The Maple Smash Mitts are just what I needed; a short fingerless glove that features a nice big cable and a cuff to shield my fingers from the cold. They are knit in the round with an afterthought thumb(my favorite!) and take very little time (and yarn!) to knit up!

Get the pattern for free here: Maple Smash Mitts by Yarnsley Lane

Or on Ravelry:

So go out there! Knit your own mitts!

If you do, let me know, because I’d love to see them.