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January 2019


Golden Hour Shawl: Pattern Review and FO

January 17, 2019

Do you ever crave certain types of knitting? Do some seasons make you turn towards socks, or big bright colors? This past fall I was desperately craving something worsted. Without realizing it, I’ve tended towards fingering weight (I mean, more yardage for the money…). But sometimes you just need something cozy. That was how I felt when I knit the Golden Hour Shawl.

Even though it was the middle of August, I was ready for Fall. I was tired of the heat; tired of the bugs. Everyone was gearing up to go back to school, and here I was with the same old schedule. I was tired and feeling uninspired with all my current projects. Somehow, I felt drawn to the Golden Hour Shawl. The chunky weight, bobbles, and colorwork seemed comfortable. Rustic, even.  Autumnal. Turns out, it was just what I needed.

The Pattern

The Golden Hour Shawl is an Andrea Mowry pattern that features baubles, lace, and color play. It calls for 3 colors of a worsted weight yarn. The pattern, quite simply, is a joy to knit. I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a pattern so much. Even the colorwork sections were way easier than they looked. They utilize a slip stitch pattern so you’re only ever working with one strand of yarn. I love that this shawl is worsted weight too. It gives it such a homey feel, and I don’t find the finished product heavy at all.

The most challenging aspect of the Golden Hour Shawl was making sure that I kept my floats loose during the two-color sections. I tend to pull too tight, which can cause the fabric to pucker, or pop one color too far forward. I had to remind myself to slow down, relax, and carry the yarn gently to keep the floats night and loose.

 The Yarn

I used Berroco Vintage in Slate, Gingham, and Pumpkin for my version of the Golden Hour Shawl. Since I was a bit more adventurous with color than usual (Orange? Me?), I was a little wary of throwing down a huge chunk of change. What if I didn’t like the finished colors all together. I shouldn’t have worried. The colors look great together in the finished shawl.

I love how the shawl feels too. Vintage might not get a lot of respect as a “budget” yarn, but I think it’s a solid yarn! I was happy with the colors, happy with the finished fabric, and happy with the quality. The price was just icing on the cake!

I would love to make this shawl again in other colors. Maybe some earthy greens? Throw in a nice mustard yellow? It would look great done all in neutrals! If you’re looking for an engaging comfort knit, the Golden Hour Shawl is the way to go!

What do you like to knit when you’re feeling uninspired? What speaks to you?