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5 Things Saving My Whole 30 Right Now

May 9, 2017
5 Things Saving my Whole 30 Right Now

All right! Week 1 of Whole30 Round 2 is in the bag! I’m feeling pretty good. Still hungry all the time, but sleeping like a rock. I had my first super realistic food dream (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…), and we’ve handled our first party of Whole 30 Round 2. Let’s just say, I’ve never seen The Hubs feed red velvet cake to a toddler so intently. He was living vicariously.

Even though I’m feeling good about Whole 30 Round 2, The Hubs and I are having one of those phases where there is not enough time in the world. It’s moving too fast. Somebody slow the clock down, please. We’re feeling a little rushed. Since I’ve been scrambling to get it together, here is a list of 5 things saving my Whole 30 right now:

5 Things Saving my Whole 30 Right Now

5 Things Saving my Whole 30 Right Now

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen saved my life on Day 1 of Whole 30 Round 2, when I realized that I did not plan an appropriate lunch. Luckily Snap Kitchen has a whole set of Whole 30 options to chose from. Imagine, Whole 30 compliant food that I didn’t have to cook! There are Snap Kitchen locations near both my office and my apartment. Score! It’s great to know that I can grab a quick, compliant lunch there. I can’t wait to try more of their options. Also, Their cauliflower is amazing!

5 Things Saving my Whole 30 Right Now

Canned Olives

Ya’ll know that a major Whole 30 struggle for me is that I am always. hungry. Like, all the time. One of the suggestions of the Whole 30 Forums for the constant hunger was to incorporate more fat into your meals. Nut butters work well for me, but another suggestion was olives. Olives can be tough because of some of the additive that they use. Using the handy dandy Whole 30 Additives Cheat Sheet, I was able to determine that Trader Joe’s canned black olives were Whole 30 compliant. So I bought a ton. They make my life so much easier.

5 Things Saving my Whole 30 Right Now

Kalua Pig

Okay. You have to try this slow cooker recipe. It’s so simple. The end result is both amazing and versatile. The recipe is by Nom Nom Paleo, and she has not steered me wrong during this Whole 30. We bought the pork shoulder on Friday night (we used 2 lbs instead of 5) and cooked it in the crock pot overnight. It called for Hawaiian red salt, but we just used Himalayan pink salt instead. It was in about 11 hours (the 5 lb one in the recipe cooks for 16 hours.). The next morning I shredded it and we’ve been using it all weekend. On potatoes. With tostones. In this delicious breakfast concoction. It’s a Whole 30 lifesaver recipe for sure!

5 Things Saving my Whole 30 Right Now

Topo Chico / Kombucha

I’ve decided to delve into the realm of Kombucha on Whole 30 Round 2. Kombucha is tricky in that it can have sugar in it, but it is usually added as part of the fermentation process and is not present in the finished drink. As long as no sugar is added after the fermentation, Kombucha is fair game for Whole 30. The first time on Whole 30 I was afraid to try Kombucha because I was afraid of picking the wrong brand that might have added sugar. Since it’s my second time on Whole 30, I’m more willing to experiment. After perusing the Whole 30 forums online, I decided to start with GT’s Trilogy Kombucha. I’ve been mixing it with Topo Chico (mineral water) because I’ve heard that it can have an, umm, moving effect if you drink too much. It’s my little special treat drink and yes, I drink it out of a wine glass. Don’t judge.

5 Things Saving my Whole 30 Right Now

Sweet Potato Hash

For breakfast. At HG Supply Co. Under bison burgers. With chorizo.  I am living for sweet potato hash. Whether it’s cubed, shredded or in hash browns, it’s the perfect vessel for just about anything I want to eat. Especially fried eggs. Mostly fried eggs… Last night, The Hubs and I experimented and came up with a recipe served on sweet potato hash that was seriously good. Like, it might need it’s own blog post. Because I love sweet potato hash.

Are you like The Hubs and I in feeling like life is moving way too fast? What do you do to slow things down? Is there anything saving your life right now? I’d love to hear about it!


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