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Whole 30 Week 2: What I learned

February 16, 2017

Whole 30 Week 2 was a doozy. Let me tell you; it was rough. This week was scary and stressful and not fun at all. Full disclosure: This post contains discussion of my lady hormones, including talking about of Aunt Flo, Shark Week, That Time of the Month or whatever you call it. Proceed with caution.

On Whole 30, the body has to adjust to a lot of different changes. I was aware of this. The book talks about it. It even has a timeline of when you are going to start having potty problems (Spoiler alert: The book lies. It lasts soo much longer than two days.). The book never mentioned this:

Whole 30 can seriously derail your lady hormones.

Even if you’re on birth control.

Let’s zoom out a little bit. I have been married for 2 months and would like to enjoy The Hubs a bit before a baby. Also, I have nowhere to put a baby and we have a year long lease on our apartment. I am on hormonal birth control, but got off track a little at the beginning of the month when we were travelling, and during Whole 30 Week 1 when I was puking my brains out. We always doubled up on our birth control so I was never super worried(I’m always a little worried.).  But when my body started doing pregnant-y things, I freaked out a little (a lot).

Week Two of Whole 30 seriously messed with my lady hormones. Hormonal birth control usually regulates a woman’s hormones to a predicable cycle, but it doesn’t eliminate your own natural hormones from running in the background. With a big enough shift in diet or exercise, those background hormones can come to the foreground.

Apparently, I made a big enough change.

First my boobs started acting all weird and feeling funny. I was getting weird cramps in my lower belly. Then I started spotting about a week before my period, which has never happened to me before. Obviously, my first fear was that it was implantation spotting, because my body was already acting so strangely. The night the spotting started was scary and full of “what ifs.” It was a weird position to be in; praying for a period, praying for a temporary lack of fertility. As time would have it, this week was the week that the beautiful (cooler than me) girl I went to high school with excitedly accounted her obviously planned pregnancy on Facebook. I may have cried in a bathroom stall at work.

To any woman that I have ever judged for having a poorly timed baby, I apologize. That is some scary stuff right there.

Whole 30 Week 2: If I learned anything from Whole 30 Week 2, it's that Whole 30 can seriously jack up your flow.

I continued to spot on and off for the next week, sometimes with cramping and sometimes without. The Hubs and I we worried that we actually bought a pregnancy test and counted down the days until I could effectively use it. I came back negative, thank goodness. I promised to never take my period for granted again. Aunt Flo has made her triumphal entry this week, ending my angst.  I ended up looking on the Whole 30 forums and was relieved to find lots of women like me, with periods either too early or too late during their Whole 30. If I learned anything from Whole 30 Week 2, it’s that Whole 30 can seriously jack up your flow.

Whole 30 Week 2 Win:

Sweet potato hash browns (swap the butter for Ghee)

Whole 30 Week 2  Fail:

Tragic Turkey Meatloaf (Not the recipe’s fault. It just looked like cat food and we added too much cumin)

Whole 30 Week 2 Tips and Tricks:

-The almond milk with the fewest ingredients is called MALK and can be found a Central Market and Whole Foods

-MALK can separate at high temperatures, like in your tea

-HG Supply Co. is the best place to eat in Dallas on Whole 30. Get one of the bowls!

-Whole 30 compliant chicken stock can be found at Costco

-Print the Whole 30 Additives Cheat Sheet and take it with you when you grocery shop

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