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Mini Monday: Social Heart Project

February 13, 2017
Mini Monday: Social Heart Project

Hello all! I hope you had a splendid weekend. I certainly did. Today’s Mini Monday post is about The Social Heart Project. Formerly known as The Sheepish Heart Project, The Social Heart Project is the brainchild of Meredith Crawford over at One Social Girl.

The Background

I’ve followed Meredith for a while, but didn’t realize that she was Dallas based until recently. (I’m smart like that.) She has done The Social Heart Project for several years, but during the last few years I was in school and struggling to keep my head above water so I always missed it. I was looking out for it this year and I wasn’t going to miss it again!

Fortunately, I have a husband who knows that the proper response to, “Can we stop by Michael’s for yarn?” is always “Of course.” We got me all stocked up on some valentinesy yarn. He even helped me pick out the exact shade of red that went best with my pink yarn (Reds can be tricky like that.). I followed the instructions in the video that Meredith posted on The One Social Girl Facebook page. Let me tell you; I am so not good at crochet. I am pretty sure I paused that video about 50 times while I tried to figure out what I was doing. Once I got the hang of things, it wasn’t that bad, but knitting is definitely my forte.

The majority of the hearts were made while making fun of a James Bond movie (the Halle Berry one), which is a rather enjoyable way to spend the evening. Also, I have a theory that James Bond has a ton of STD’s, but that’s another story.

Mini Monday: The Social Heart Project

The Social Heart Project

The Social Heart Projects main goal is to spread a little happiness and encouragement on Valentine’s Day. I know that Valentine’s Day can be a rather dismal holiday for a lot of people. This is a fun opportunity to make the day a little happier for everyone. It also has the perk of being borderline yarn bombing and therefore raising the awareness of crafters everywhere.  I feel like we as a community really let the world know that we were paying attention with The Pussyhat Project, and I really wanted to continue that momentum.

Mini Monday: Social Heart Project

Now I will admit: I did not wait until Valentine’s Day to hang my hearts. I did it over the weekend. This is mainly because, well, Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday. I go to work and I go home on Tuesdays, so there aren’t a lot of place where I can put hearts. On the weekend, I have have more fun with them. The Hubs, acting as my photographer, walked with me as I left hearts at the Performing Arts Center, on some outdoor benches and chairs and at the train station. We also left a heart at my church’s new building; wedged into a wall that wasn’t finished yet. I don’t think anyone will find it, but I like the idea of my little heart living inside those walls.

Mini Monday: Social Heart Project

I will leave a few more hearts around the office and the neighborhood on Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to remember what Valentine’s Day was like before The Hubs, but I think that I would have appreciated a social heart. I hope that my little contribution to the Social Heart Project will make someone feel a little bit more loved on Valentine’s Day.

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