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Mini Monday: A Cautionary Tale About Red Boat Fish Sauce

February 6, 2017
Mini Mondays: A Cautionary Tale about Red Boat Fish Sauce

Welcome to a new series on the blog: Mini Mondays!

These are bits and scraps from my life that I want to share that aren’t big enough to make a full blog posts. They can be silly stories, reviews, updates on knitting or outreach projects or whatever else strikes my fancy. Let’s get going, shall we?

This week’s mini monday post is about Red Boat Fish Sauce.


Specifically about my failures in connection with Red Boat Fish Sauce. For those of you who are unaware of Red Boat Fish Sauce, it is one of the few Whole 30 compliant fish sauces on the market. Fish sauce is great for adding greater depth of flavor and is especially useful in Asian inspired dishes. The Hubs and needed it for Nom Nom Paleo’s Chili Lime Chicken Wings, which we made so that we would have something to eat while watching the Super Bowl at The In-Law’s house (Update: They were good.). We will also be using it in Nom Nom Paleo’s Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs later this week so I’ll let you know how that goes.

The problem with Red Boat Fish Sauce, it that is can be extremely hard to find.

Trader Joe’s used to carry it (and at a good price too!), but they don’t have it any longer. Honestly, though, their turnover is pretty high from season to season, so fingers crossed they get it back! We didn’t find any fish sauce at Central Market, so that left us with Whole Foods to complete our expensive hippie store trifecta. The Hubs (bless him)called around to a bunch of different Whole Foods to see if any of them carried it. This saved me hours of driving around, because I never would have called. He learned that it can be found at the Whole Foods in Addison, which is also the only Whole Foods where I have been able to find Tessemae’s All Natural dressings. Since it was closer to me, asked me to run and grab some on my lunch break.

The Hubs was told that this store had a fresh shipment of Red Boat Fish Sauce “in the back.” As in, I was going to have to go and talk to a sales associate to get it. Ugh… This is how much I love my husband. It was indeed in the back, and I did have to make them go check for it, which made me feel like a jerk, because they had just stocked that section. The Hubs was right, however, and it they did end up finding some for me. (Another FYI: It was around $12.99.). I threw the sauce in my car and went back to work.

Here is where I messed up.

Once I got back to work, I left the fish sauce in my car.

I figured, It doesn’t need to be refrigerated yet, and it’s cold today. It’ll be fine. And it’s true, the fish sauce itself was perfectly fine. It’s my car that had the problem.

You see, the Red Boat Fish Sauce leaked all over the passenger seat of my car. And, like, soaked in a little bit.

It’s not the cutest smell. I fear it may be permanently absorbed into my seat, to secrete its fishy odor until eternity. There are not enough clorox wipes in the world for this. Did I mention that I hate fish?

The moral of the story, folks, and the humble lesson that I learned for you is this:

Never, under any circumstances, lay your fish sauce bottle down. Keep that sucker upright at all times.

It will leak. It will reek. You will be sad.

This has been a Public Service Annoucement.

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  • Julie February 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Oh no, that is a very sad story indeed! I don’t know what your uphostery situation is, but I’d suggest you bring the car in for professional detailing. Explain what happened, and I bet they can professionally get it out.

    • Tori February 9, 2017 at 5:37 pm

      Detailing is a good idea! My poor old car could probably use it. My husband has a truck, and yet my car is the one that hauls all the groceries and music equipment. I should suggest it…My husband would fall over in surprise!